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Our Abiriba Community needs your talent. Now more than ever before. We are at a critical point where everybody can play a role in celebrating our culture, while bringing us together.

The future of our community relies on continuous touch point through communication- either in the real world or the digital world.

How can you use your skills to support ?

1. Are you a content creator?

2. Are you a good writer?

3. Are you a good hacker?

4. Are you good at digital marketing?

5.Are you exceptional are event coordination?

6. How about the great accountants?

Use your skills to elevate our ONENESS

if you love…..

event planning  

From youth events to general conventions, you can play a critical role in ensuring we have a communal and successful event that brings us together

project execution

Our community projects are central to what we are doing as ACIU NA chapters. Help decide and facilitate the use of the raised funds in order to impact our community

content creation

Create engaging content that will help us learn more about where we are from and increase our connection with one another. Videographers, photographers, writers are welcome!

fund raising 

All our projects are funded by member donations; thus, the more we donate, the more we can execute our plans. Help our community raise money to impact our community

web management

This goes to all our tech geeks! We have a spot for you too. If you love coding for hours on end or designing beautiful apps and websites, we would love to hear from you!


This is a euphemism for marketing. All organizations have to have their voices heard, and through outreach we can increase donations and impact. Great social media and content marketers would be incredibly valuable

we need you… Abiriba needs you

meet our volunteers

“This is one of my biggest contributions to my community, and this is just a start”

Chekwas Okafor


meet our volunteers

“I am more than excited to share my software engineering skills to help create value for my community”

Ifeanyi Kalu


meet our volunteers

“A little of design always helps. A little design help from me to my community– even better.“

Chidiebere Kalu



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